Instrument Repair

We are happy to be able to act as an agent for instrument servicing and repairs for all instruments. We are lucky to have a fantastic team of specialist luthiers and repairers on Island that we will be utilising and should be able to service and repair almost any type of instrument. You just need to drop your instrument or equipment to the shop, and we will arrange for the work to be done, liaise with you over quotes, and return the fixed item to you. We’ll even have some of the repairers working in the shop some of the time!

Prices will obviously depend on what needs doing, but here are some guide prices for common services that are required. For any other repairs that are needed please get in touch for an estimated quote.

Servicing and setup – £30 (not including parts. For any additional work needed a cost would be advised before undertaking)
Bridge fitting – £25 (including bridge)
Restring – £10 (not including strings)
Bow rehairing – coming soon!

Guitars and Bass Guitar
Basic service – £45 (not including strings)
Basic service (locking trem or 12 string) – £57 (not including strings)
Restring – £12 (not including strings)
Restring locking trem (e.g. Floyd Rose) or 12 string – £16 (not including strings)


Full service – flute, piccolo, clarinet, soprano and alto sax – £70 (not including parts)
Full service – bass clarinet, tenor and baritone sax – £80 (not including parts)
Full service – oboe and bassoon – £90 (not including parts)


Full service – cornet, trumpet, tenor horn, straight trombone – £50 (not including parts)
Full service – baritone, euphonium, french horn, Bb/F trombone, bass trombone – £60 (not including parts)
Full service – tuba) – £70 (not including parts)

Set-up and tuning – £40 (not including heads)