Kinsman 10w Practice Guitar Amplifier


Kinsman 10w Practice Guitar Amplifier

Brand new, with box.

Ideal for beginners and students with limited space or pro players commuting on the live circuit with the need for a lightweight combo that’s loud enough for small gigs, perfect for the studio or, backstage as a warm up amp.

Product Description:

Versatility is the underlying theme for the BB10, as this stand-alone, closed-back combo delivers an impressive size-defying 10 watts of warm, punchy frequencies, enhanced for personal taste via a 3-band rotary Treble, Bass and Middle EQ, and separate Volume control.

With an individual Gain Control and Drive/ Clean push button, the BB10 is adaptable to all music styles, from crystal clear country, warm jazz, soaring blues and edgy hard rock.

There’s also a headphone socket for silent practicing, another feature that has made the BB10 one of the most popular compact, lightweight guitar combos available.

Robust and built to last, covered in a tough durable vinyl, metal speaker grill, chunky corner protectors, rubber feet and carry handle, the Kinsman BB10 completes the need for a no nonsense, portable combo with enough power and tone to keep you inspired.

Input: 1/4″ input jack for plugging in your instrument. It is intended for guitars but will accept other instruments as well.
Gain: Adjust this clockwise to increase the amount of distortion you add to the overdrive signal. Used in the lower ranges of the control, you get a less distorted sound, a ‘bluesy’ tone. As you increase the gain, you add tremendous amounts of distortion to the signal for a harder edged ‘crunch’ tone.
Drive/Clean: Push this little button to get classical overdrive or normal clean guitar tones.
Volume: The output volume control for the entire amplifier.
Treble: Adds extra treble to the bass tone for additional ‘bite’ and attack. Too much will give an overly abrasive sound.
Bass: Adds extra bottom end for a rounder, deeper and smoother bass tone.
Phone: A 1/4″ jack for plugging in headphones creating a pseudo-stereo sound. Select sound level with the volume control. It will automatically disconnect the internal speaker when plugged in to allow quiet practising.
Power: This switch turns the power to the amp on and off.
Size: 23.5cm (H) x 24.5cm (W) x 12.4cm (D)
Weight: 2.95 Kg

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