Manx Gaelic Greetings Cards – Ellan Vannin


Beautiful original greetings cards inspired by the sea, with the words to Manx songs incorporated into them. This card features words from the song Ellan Vannin:
‘T’ra ta’n laa souree ec jerrey,
As imneaghyn lheie ersooyl,
Mish my hoie fo ny rollagyn,
Slane my lomarcan as skee,
Eisht girree gollrish ashlish,
Soilshean giall as dooghysagh,
She oo hene oh Ellan Vannin,
Lesh croink glassey rish y cheayn.’

(When the summer day is over,
And it’s busy cares have flown,
I sit beneath the starlight,
With a weary heart alone.
Then rises like a vision,
Sparkling bright in nature’s glee,
My own dear Ellan Vannin,
With its green hills by the sea.)

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