Tanglewood Blackbird TWBB SFCE


Building on the global success of their Crossroads range of instruments, Tanglewood’s design team have created a whole new range of guitars, inspired by the cosmetic of 1940/50’s era US instruments with the class leading constructional signature of Michael Sanden and the Tanglewood artisanal team.


Every Blackbird model is carefully braced to provide a tight bottom end bass note and clear rich high spectrum resonance.

They have bound each model in vintage ivory ABS materials to provide the look of Bakelite from the 40’s, and though this won’t affect the sound, it certainly helps give provenance to the historic look their design team wished to capture, and to our mind, they have done a wonderful job.

This electro acoustic model features the outstanding new Tanglewood Premium Plus Eq system as standard.

The rich smoky charcoal stained finish has been christened “Smokestack Black“.

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