TRIP – ‘A Drop For Neptune’ CD Album


TRIP – ‘A Drop For Neptune’ CD Album

A Drop for Neptune, the debut album from six-piece band TRIP, is a culmination of four years of musical kinship that started on the traditional music scene in Glasgow when the band members began studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

The record, which launched on the 28th of January 2022, features a blend of self-penned tunes and songs, and the traditional melodies of Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man; a reflection of the different Celtic nations each member hails from. A Drop for Neptune celebrates the band’s kindred roots in traditional music whilst showcasing their contemporary, cross-genre influences.

In a time of uncertainty and isolation that was brought about by the global pandemic, A Drop for Neptune was inspired by the sea – something that connects and shapes us all. Tracks such as Towards the storm evoke imagery of an ever-changing sea, whilst Turning Tides pays homage to growing up on an island surrounded by it. John Doyle’s The Arabic, a stand out track on the album, retells the story of the sinking of the SS Arabic.

released January 28, 2022

TRIP are a six-piece trad band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Their music unites the kindred Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland, Northumbria and the Isle of Man; a reflection of where each of the members hail from.

“…their considered tune selection, technical confidence and ambitious, imaginative arrangements
displayed arresting promise” – Folk Radio UK

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