Vox Night Train NT15 amp and 12″ Speaker Cabinet



What Vox Says:

Featuring a compact design, durable construction thanks to its chrome finish, and 15 watts of total power with selectable op-amp circuits and three-band EQ, the Vox Night Train NT15H Guitar Amplifier Head packs a wallop in a small package. Easily transported, this little guy can fit in the most cramped of cars with ease and transfer from bedroom playing to live practice to small gigs without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for classic Vox tone but want to steer towards something modern, this little hot head leads the pack.

What the Seller says:
>It is a really versatile amp. The Bright mode starts off really clean and chimey and as it breaks up retains a shimmering sort of feel. Set to Thick the amp runs from a deep growl to out and out roaring. I found that I never used anything like the range of this mode. It’s worth noting that the EQ settings only work in the bright mode. This is as per design.

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