Crescendo Music 15 Reusable Hearing Protection


The Crescendo Music 15 is a reusable, universal fit hearing protector designed specifically for concert-goers and music enthusiasts. While hearing protection with tube filters can sound muffled and unnatural, the acoustic mesh filters of the Crescendo Music 15 provide full frequency, enjoyable audio reduced to safe listening levels.

Music levels at concerts generally exceed the safe limit of 85 dB, sound levels beyond this induce hearing damage whether as tinnitus, hyperacusis or long term hearing loss. Crescendo Music 15 reduces the level of sound by 15 dB making music as loud as 105 dB safe to listen to for up to 2 hours.

Crescendo Music 15 Ear Plugs package contains:

  • Two Large universal ear plugs
  • Two Medium universal ear plugs
  • Two acoustic filters providing 15 dB average damping which are 100% acoustically tested
  • Aluminium key-ring carrying case
  • Manual EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and NL

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