Rent to Buy Scheme

As music teachers we understand how important it is for beginners to learn on good quality instruments. To try and make sure that good instruments are affordable for people, we are introducing a rent to buy scheme for all of our beginner and intermediate level instruments.

How does it work?
You have to rent for a minimum period of 3 months. After that, you can return the instrument to us in good condition at any time. If you pay for 12 months, then you own the instrument.

How much will it cost?
The cost will obviously depend on what instrument you are buying, but here are some example costs.

Stentor I 4/4 violin – £16 per month
Stentor II 4/4 violin – £20 per month
Encore 4/4 bass guitar – £15 per month
Encore 4/4 electric guitar and amplifier package – £20 per month
Trevor James Artemis Trumpet – £32 per month
Trevor James 10XP Flute – £55 per month
Trevor James Artemis Clarinet – £27.50 per month
Trevor James ‘The Horn’ Alto Saxophone – £70 per month

For more information, or to get an application form, please get in touch!