Hidersine Junior Cello Rosin


Hidersine 12C Junior Cello Rosin is to be found in the cases and gigbags of student cellos the world over.

Favoured initially for its easy application and discreet footprint, 12C junior rosin also offers great balance of grip and ease of use, making it ideal for younger players just starting out on their musical adventure.

NB: It is worth noting that ‘light/hard’ cello rosin is a little softer than the equivalent ‘light/hard’ violin rosin, as the larger strings of the cello require a slightly softer starting point to obtain the same levels of grip.

Based on one of Francis Hider’s most historic recipes, Hidersine 12C Cello rosin is made in England the same way as all others in the Hidersine family: the Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.

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