Nanoblock Double bass


Construct amazingly detailed and realistic three-dimensional creations with these micro-sized building blocks. The miniature blocks connect securely to create extremely precise objects of varying size and complexity thesmaller it is, the more realistic the work becomes! Designed in Japan, Nanoblock is a stimulating and entertaining hobby material for everyone, especially for grown-ups (recommended for ages 12 andup).

Nanoblock is the world’s smallest micro-sized building block, measuring from just 4x4x5mm for a single piece, packs contain varying numbers of pieces. With only 130+ pieces and rated difficulty level 2/5thegroovy Nanoblock Electric Guitar Blue is the perfect choice for beginners looking to enter or advance in the ever expanding nanoverse! As part of the ‘Mini Collection’ the instrument has a final size of 1.6cm(length) x 4.5cm (width) x 13.2cm (height) a superb addition to any desk and the ideal gift for the creative guitarist who enjoys a fun challenge.

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