Tanglewood Winterleaf Electro-Acoustic Guitar


This new Winterleaf model is destined to be future Tanglewood classic.

They have created the instrument to their Super Folk Cutaway style specification, a shape they invented over three decades ago now, and added a contemporary twist to achieve the warm tonal voice.

Each instrument features a Solid African Mahogany top, married to carefully selected African Mahogany back and sides to perform perfectly and uniquely for the creative player.

Each guitar has the statutory Winterleaf check list ingredients, Solid Top, Grover Machineheads, Premium Plus EQ etc etc, but the combination of features in this model, taken as a whole, is an absolute revelation, and you’ll love the sound they make.

This stunning new finish, has been christened Autumn Vintage Burst, and this high gloss finish, set carefully and sparingly over the gorgeous mahogany timber genuinely takes this guitar to another dimension aesthetically. Choose this model if you want a guitar that hands down looks every bit as good as it sounds.

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Forest Green, Red